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Why is Enviroshake the most desirable synthetic roofing material on the market?

As a leader in the synthetic roofing industry, Enviroshake takes pride in offering premium aesthetics, industry leading unsurpassed durability, and lifetime performance. While backed by a 50 year, fully transferable, lifetime warranty, Enviroshake has been tested for all markets to meet or exceed the highest ratings in the roofing industry. Rest assured for many years to come with a roof that will protect and enhance the curb appeal of your home.

Our dies are made from the 3D images of natural slate and shake to ensure true to life texture, thickness and aesthetics that will have you guessing is it natural or is it Enviroshake? We offer the tradition, beauty, and luxury you want, with the performance you need.

What are Enviroshake products made of?

Enviroshake®’s exact formula is a trade secret. Our products are composite materials created
from 95% recycled materials, including post-industrial plastics, natural fibres, and elastomers.
Our formulation is enhanced with a proprietary blend of additives that protect our products
from UV degradation and allow them to truly replicate the look of natural cedar and slate.

Post-industrial materials are highly robust and do not have the impurities that post-consumer
blends struggle with.

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How long have you been around?

Enviroshake has been in business since 1998, making us not only a leader, but a pioneer in
the composite roofing industry.

Is it wind resistant?

Yes, Enviroshake products can withstand winds up to 180 mph (290 km/h). Enviroshake exceeds
Miami Dade's High Velocity Hurricane Zone wind speed requirements.

Enviroshake tiles do not need time to seal in order to be effective, and our Gold-Level
Warranty is not void even if the product endures wind speeds of 180 mph.

Is it fire-resistant?

Yes, Enviroshake has been awarded the highest available Class A fire rating (ASTM E108 & CAN/ULC-S107-19). This rating
was achieved without the use of a special underlayment. Our product is unconditionally Class A!

Class C product is also available.

Is it impact-resistant?

Yes, Enviroshake has a Class 4 UL 2218 impact rating. This is the highest available impact rating.

What are the dimensions of your products?

Enviroshake® and Enviroslate® are 12" (305 mm) in width and 20" (510 mm) in length.
Enviroshingle® is 20" (510 mm) in width and 12" (305 mm) in length.

Enviroshake features 6 profiles, Enviroshingle features 2 profiles, and Enviroslate features a single profile.

Is it recycled?

Yes, all Enviroshake products are made from 95% post-industrial recycled materials.

Is it recyclable?

Yes, all Enviroshake roofing tiles are 100% recyclable.

How much does it weigh?

All of our roofing tiles are lighter than their natural counterparts.

Enviroshake and Enviroshingle weigh approximately 260 lbs (120 kg) per
square. A comparable cedar roof weighs between 300 lbs (135 kg) and 500lbs (225 kg), depending on
whether it's wet or dry.

Enviroslate weighs approximately 275 lbs (125 kg) per square. A comparable natural slate
roof with tiles 1/2" (13 mm) thick weighs almost 1900lbs (860kg) per square.

What are my colour options?

Our most common colours are as follows:
Enviroshake: Aged Cedar, Silvered Cedar, and Multi-Tone

Enviroslate: Charcoal Grey, Stone Grey, Onyx Black, Sage Green, Plum Purple, Multi-Tone

Enviroshingle: Aged Cedar, Silvered Cedar

Not exactly what you had in mind? Let us make a custom colour that makes your dreams a reality!

To ensure the most natural possible look on the roof, all Enviroshake products are designed to
weather. As with cedar and slate, there will be slight variations in the shading and thickness of our
shakes and shingles.

Does the colour extend below the surface of the shingle?

Yes, our tiles are “colour-through. “ There are no topical paints or coatings used in our process.

Enviroshake products have some colour variation to authentically emulate the tones of natural cedar. Our tiles are designed to have a weathering period in the first year of installation to reveal a beautiful weathered matte cedar look, and after this initial period, the tiles will maintain their classic aesthetic and rich colour over the lifetime of your roof.

What are the differences between your products? Which performs the best?

Enviroshake offers the authentic look of cedar shake
Enviroslate offers the authentic look of natural slate
Enviroshingle offers the authentic look of natural cedar perfection shingle

All Enviroshake roofing tiles are designed to offer industry-leading performance, and have been
tested to industry standards.

Do I need snow guards?

If you live in an area that receives snow, we highly recommend installing snow guards.

Can your products be walked upon?

Yes, but they are slippery when wet.

How long do Enviroshake® products last?

Accelerated weather testing indicates that Enviroshake products have a life expectancy that is
considerably longer than the 50 year lifetime transferable warranty that is offered.

Can anyone install the product?

Although Enviroshake products are easy to install, only roofs installed by a Factory Trained
Installer will be eligible for our warranty.

Can your products be installed over asphalt?

Different jurisdictions have different code regulations, but generally speaking, Enviroshake
products can be installed over one layer of existing asphalt shingles, provided the roof beneath
is structurally sound. However, Enviroshake does not recommend this practice. It is best to
ensure the roof deck is in good form before installing our product.

How do I obtain the limited lifetime warranty?

Your Enviroshake roof must be installed by a Factory Trained Installer and the contractor or homeowner must register through our online registration.

How much does your product cost?

Enviroshake products are comparable to other synthetic products available.

Please contact us to speak with your Enviroshake sales representative to discuss pricing. We can be
reached by
phone at 1-866-423-3302 or by email at 

Where can I find a Factory Trained Installer?

Please contact us for a list of Factory Trained Installers near you. We can be reached by
phone at 1-866-423-3302 or by email at

Where can I view an installation?

Please contact us for a list of installations near you. We can be reached by
phone at 1-866-423-3302 or by email at

Does Enviroshake have a cool roof option?

Yes! Enviroshake does offer Envirocool®, a cool roofing material. Envirocool is a Cool Roof
Rating Council-rated product.
Click here to learn more about how you can reduce your cooling
bill by up to 30%!  

What type of nails should I use?

Enviroshake recommends 1 1⁄2” stainless steel ring shank roofing nails, but double dipped
galvanized nails are acceptable. We recommend you install with a nail gun, but tiles can be
hand-nailed if needed. Enviroshake requires 4 nails per tile.

What type of ridge vent should I use?

 You can use standard roof vents and ridge vents. Flexible or rigid vents both work with
Enviroshake.  If you are using ridge vents, please drop the ridge cap size down by 1 slope
when ordering.

What type of flashing should I use?

Enviroshake recommends 24” (610 mm) gauge metal, and a 1⁄2" (13 mm) safety.

What type of metal should I use in the valley?

Enviroshake recommends Copper, but 24” (610 mm) heavy gauge metal is acceptable.

What type of underlayment should I use?

Enviroshield® synthetic peel-and-stick underlayment, which satisfies the warranty requirements.
This underlay is to be used over the entire roof deck. This underlayment eliminates the need to interweave.
Enviroshield can be purchased directly from Enviroshake.

What's the coverage of your product?

Enviroshake and Enviroslate come in 13-piece bundles. When installed at a 9" (230 mm) exposure, 1 bundle covers 10 square feet (0.93 m2), and 10 bundles cover 1 square (9.3 m2). If installing Enviroshake or Enviroslate at a 7” exposure, factor in 18% more material.
Enviroshingle comes in 14-piece bundles. When installed at a 5" (130 vmm) exposure, 1 bundle covers 10 square feet (0.93 m2), and 10 bundles cover 1 square (9.3 m2).

Can Enviroshake tell me how much material is needed for my project?

We are pleased to offer complimentary take-offs from Eagleview reports and PDF or CAD roof plans. However, material quantities should always be confirmed by your contractor/builder before purchasing.

Give us a call to find a Factory Trained Enviroshake installer in your area or register for our next Factory Training webinar to take the first step in becoming an Enviroshake installer.

How much waste should I expect?

Enviroshake recommends factoring in 5-10% for waste.

What's the recommended exposure for your products?

Enviroshake and Enviroslate are designed to be installed at a 9” (230 mm) exposure, but can be installed down to a 6" exposure.
Enviroshingle is designed to be installed at a 5¼" (133 mm) exposure.

Do the tiles need to be gapped?

Yes. There is a nominal amount of thermal expansion, so it is imperative that you install with a gap of at least 3/8” (9.5 mm) between every piece.

What do you use for ridge / hip caps?

Enviroshake offers pre-formed ridge and hip caps available in slopes from 2/12 (9.5°) up to 21/12 slopes.

Can the products be installed vertically (for mansard roofing, siding, etc)?

Yes. Enviroshake has been used on many mansard and siding projects.

What is the minimal slope recommended?

We recommend installing on roofs with a pitch of 2/12 (9.5°) or greater. Please refer to
our low slope installation guide when installing on pitches lower than 3/12 (14°).

Can Enviroshake be installed in cold weather?

Yes! Enviroshake can be installed down to -15C and -4F overnight temperatures as long as the roof is dry. You can even continue using a nail gun while slightly dialing back pressure.

Most synthetics cannot be installed in temperatures this low. Enviroshake lets you continue roofing all year long.

Please note Enviroshake is slippery when wet and should only be walked on and installed when dry.

Which snow guards should I use?

We recommend using the Alpine® SnowGuard Half Round (PD10) snow guards. These can purchased from Enviroshake with your order.

Can it be installed on curved roofs?

Yes. Ask your Enviroshake representative for photos of some of our most exciting curved roof projects.

Can your product be cut?

Yes, the roofing tiles can be easily cut with a circular saw. We have even had clients cut their own fish-scale shaped Enviroshake tiles. Ask us for photos!

Do you have to install strips of wood horizontally under the tiles to allow them to breathe?

No. Unlike real cedar, Enviroshake products do not need to breathe. They can be installed over solid plywood sheathing or on battens or strapping. Please adhere to the installation guide and all local installation codes.

Do Enviroshake products expand?

Our tiles have been engineered to have a minimal thermal expansion and contraction of less than 2% between seasons, but they do have some expansion and contraction. As such please ensure they are installed with a minimum 3/8" gap between every tile.

How long does your product take to install?

A two-man crew can install 3-5 squares per day. This does not include the removal of old product.

Is there a lot of hand-sorting required when the material arrives at the jobsite?

No. Enviroshake comes in 8 profiles, which are pre-shuffled into bundles.

What is the Coverage?

Enviroshake & Enviroslate: 1 square covers 100 square feet at a 9″ exposure. If Installing Enviroshake at a 7” exposure add 18% more material.

Enviroshingle: 1 square covers 100 square feet at a 5″ exposure.

Does Enviroshake have a cool roof option?

Yes! Enviroshake does offer Envirocool, a cool roofing material. Envirocool is a CRRC (Cool Roof Rating Council) rated product, with an SRI of 31.