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"Enviroshake is the best roofing product in its category! No exceptions to the quality. We have a family estate in the Bahamas, on the ocean made up of 5 building all adorned and under roof with Enviroshake aged cedar shingles. We have have been through 4 major hurricanes, 6 named storms and NEVER lost a shingle. The product is everything and more they promise it to be. It has a beautiful appearance and is perfect for rain water retention. The next best thing is their world class service. Their staff is responsive, courteous and actually behave as they are grateful for your business. I could not be happier."

Bruce Griffin Bahamas

“Just a quick note to let you know that we had our Enviroshake roof installed last week and are thrilled with the look (along with our neighbours).Two of our neighbours approached our roofer about Enviroshake quotes and although our roofer was skeptical at first about Enviroshake when I told him that this was the product I wanted, he now feels after installing Enviroshake that this is the best value natural looking roof you can install for the money. Thanks for your referral list, I did stop by and look at a couple of houses on the list.”

KEN SOUTHAM North Vancouver, BC

“I have a eco-friendly cottage rental business,(a five bedroom house along with 4 cottages and an office building) on which I used your product on all six buildings. (We are opening in the Spring). I love the look of the product and all the environmental and sustainable features it has.”

SHARON MONSON Newboro, Ontario

“Our current home in Texas has been through a lot of inclement weather: heavy storms, hail, high wind, sleet, and this year’s record breaking heat wave. During the 47 years we have lived here, we’ve had to replace the cedar shingled roof many times. The last time we replaced the roof several years ago, it was with Enviroshake. Today, it still looks brand new, not to mention that it has been friendly to our heat and cooling bills. At age 72, I plan to be around many more years. I think I’ve finally found a roof that will outlast me.”

DAVID PURDUE Arlington, Texas, USA

“…I thought I should drop you a note to tell you how pleased I am with our new BestWest “Enviroshake” roof! Our 19 year old cedar roof had worn out much faster than I expected. Too many shingles were warped, cracked and split. Every wind storm seemed to break off more and more of my old cedar roof. What I wanted to do was replace my aging cedar roof with a new roof that would look just like cedar but have superior durability and longevity. I found exactly those qualities in the Enviroshake product. The Enviroshake roof is the perfect match for our cedar siding. I am delighted that it looks exactly like a traditional, aged cedar roof. The Enviroshake roof compliments our home and maintains the character that we strived for by choosing a cedar roof in the first place. Now for 50 years my family will have a maintenance free, rot free and worry free roof. Most of all we’ll have peace of mind. Thanks BestWest Roofing and thanks Enviroshake!”

ADI MUDALIAR M.D. British Columbia, Canada

“We love our roof and are so very pleased that we made the decision to purchase the Enviroshake roof. It has enhanced the look of our country home and has given us exactly the look we wanted. We have had many compliments from family and friends on our roof. Because of the superior quality of the Enviroshake shingle, it is so satisfying to know that we will not have to be replacing our roof for many years to come unlike the many roofs of asphalt shingles we have had in the past. We couldn’t be happier. Just recently we had an appraiser come to our home for an appraisal and this person could not believe our roof was not the cedar shake shingles. They finally said they would accept our word after we offered to show them our purchase agreement. Guess, if we can fool an appraiser, that would be considered a true testament that the Enviroshake definitely does have the look of the cedar shakes. You have managed to design a fantastic product. Congratulations to you. Thank you Enviroshake!”


“The cedar shake shingles on our family home and outbuildings had been installed more than 40 years ago and were in dire need of being replaced. The home had been remodeled under the direction of my father who was very particular in every detail that went into the house and he was ready to undertake the replacement of the roof in 2012 but unfortunately passed away unexpectedly before he was able to start the project.…We explored several roofing options including various asphalt architectural shingles, cedar shake shingles, and other simulated shake shingle products including the Enviroshake shingles… We discussed the need to maintain the character of the house as my father would have wanted and they understood the need to be able to complete the job before the snowfall as the current roof would most likely not have survived another winter…Our Enviroshake roof looks spectacular and everyone that has seen the transformation of the roof have had nothing but extremely positive comments concerning the Enviroshake product and the quality of workmanship. I know my Dad would have been proud of the decision that we made to go with the Enviroshake product… The house, two garages, and even the dog house have been rejuvenated with the Enviroshake material which provides the look of the weathered cedar shake with no worries about maintenance down the road. We would highly recommend the Enviroshake product…”

DAVID BOWER New Hampshire
“We live across the street from a prestigious architect and builder in our area, known for his interest in historic preservation and the finest attention to detail. Every home he designs and builds has a cedar shake roof, with multiple pitches. His homes are highly coveted, and look like they’ve always been there. When we were having our Enviroshake® roof installed, he walked across the street to talk with us, and look at the product. He liked what he saw, and said he wanted to watch our roof as it aged. A few months later...Sold! He called our installer, and an Enviroshake® roof is now on one of his latest homes. This from a purist with the very highest standards. We knew we made the right choice. Our roof looks perfect! We’ve had a very wet summer, and some of our neighbors have moss growing on their cedar roofs.”

“I am from Calgary and we get really terrible hailstorms. Last year we replaced our roof with Enviroshake and a few weeks later there was a massive hailstorm that caused almost every other house to have hail damage on their roof and required insurance claims. Our Enviroshake withstood that and looks great still. ”

JUDI LEE Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“During Hurricane Ike, our Enviroshake roof withstood a direct hit from a falling tree branch with a 5″ diameter; one cracked tile and that was it.”

SARA TYLER Houston, Texas, USA

“…Really like the way that you guys do business. Everyone I talk to is knowledgeable, you follow up, I don’t have to chase anything…Thanks again for everything.”


“Your product IS amazing. We had our roof redone in late 2005. We had a very old cedar shake roof and I researched the internet and found Enviroshake. The installer didn’t know anything about this product, but I definitely wanted something fire safe on the roof after the near forest-fire just a year ago. The crew started working on the roof and work was progressing well, when on the third day I happened to come home from work for lunch. As I walked across the deck I remember thinking to myself……”hmmmmm, you would think they would have gotten something done by now”……I eat my lunch and as I walked out the front door I realized that the entire front deck across which I had traveled to reach my front door had been redone in the ENVIROSHAKE material and I DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE…….wow, this stuff is amazing.”

ANI McDOWELL Creston, BC, Canada

“I am a property manager and I originally saw Enviroshake on my local Home and Garden cable network. Since I am in charge of replacing roofs on many of my properties, I was extremely particular when it came to replacing the roof on my own home. I was so intrigued with the properties of the Enviroshake materials that I sent for the DVD from the company. Both my husband and my local roofing company were skeptical at first as they had never seen a “green roof” that claimed a “lifetime performance” but my husband was also tired of paying for power washing and staining of our old cedar roof only to have it look older and unkempt after only a very short time. Because we have a very wooded lot, we were also having trouble with carpenter ants and my pest control company said that was not unusual with a cedar shake roof in a wooded setting to have this problem. We really love the look of the cedar shake and so after some persuasion on my part and a few phone calls to Enviroshake we ordered the material and waited for it to be shipped down from Canada to St. Charles, Illinois, USA. The contractor was amazed at how easy installation was and to say my husband was very pleased with the finished product is an understatement.

When we first had it installed and people were driving past our home slowly we thought they were lost and looking for an address but we have finally gotten used to the fact that they were admiring our roof! Many people have stopped by and my husband is always happy to share our roof experience along with his original skepticism. What we didn’t expect was that our budget payment plan to the local gas company dropped by over 10% and our homeowners insurance also was lowered due to the fire resistance of the Enviroshake material! I have not seen those benefits mentioned anywhere in Enviroshake’s ads but I know for a fact that they are true benefits! I would like to add that the most important benefit to my husband and me is the fact that our Enviroshake roof, unlike the cedar shake roofs in my neighborhood, becomes more beautiful as it ages. Thank you Enviroshake!”

MICHAEL & MARCY BERRY St. Charles, Illinois, USA

“Thank you. You should see our roof! It is amazing! We love it. I would gladly share my experience with the Personal Home Improvement team that put this excellent product on. They were very clean, always picked up after a day of work. They worked long hours to get it done. I only have praise for this total experience! Many people have stopped and said nice roof! Across the street from us a man is getting ready to build a very large house, so when I see him I will give him the Enviroshake package. We live on a busy corner and people always stop to ask us questions about our home and I gladly love to share the good news about it. Thank you again”

MARILYN MILLER St Catharines Ontario

“Great roofing material. Looks great and as a homeowner glad I wont be treating it to protect it or replacing it in 15 years like a typical cedar roof.”

ROBERT B. VAN ALEN Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, Fox and Roach Realtors, Unionville, PA

“My husband and I own a turn of the century Victorian farm house. We didn’t like the look of asphalt or metal products. Enviroshake® gave us the distinctive look and performance we were after. My husband and I installed the Enviroshake® roof ourselves and we absolutely love it.”

COLLEEN BOYD Chatham, Ontario, Canada

“I recently began looking for new roofing for my house in the Pacific Northwest. Asphalt roofing shingles are not good for the environment (petroleum use, disposal issues, petroleum hydrocarbon runoff) so I started looking for an environmentally friendly product and stumbled upon Enviroshake<sup>®</sup>.

There were no dealers in the Northwest which looked to be a problem. However, the folks at Enviroshake® were fantastic to deal with! They got the product shipped for a decent price and helped work closely with a roofing installer. I could not have been happier with the service and help I received from these guys. I’d only expect this kind of service if I were a big supplier, not merely a home-owner. I was impressed.

So, how’s the product. Excellent! Although the product looked a little dark on the house at first, within six months it grayed to look identical to real cedar shakes. I’ve had several folks look at the house and they think its wood. It looks great, and with the long warranty, I expect it will continue that way for years to come!”


“We chose Enviroshake based on the architects recommendation and its appeal to us. The existing cedar roof was 30 years old for part of the cabin, 40 years old for the original cabin. We also considered cedar again, slate tiles, concrete tiles, metal, and some other synthetic types (recycled rubber, etc). We chose Enviroshake because it gave us a clean, light look as opposed to concrete. Cedar was ruled out for durability, warranty, and issues with moss growing on the shakes due to the humidity we live with at the lake. Enviroshake gave us the look of cedar with fewer problems. Some of the other synthetic products were under performing- research showed some products had fading or drying out/cracking issues. So far we are very happy, the Enviroshake is graying nicely, and I think it looks great with the copper flashing we put with it. Having just undergone some hail damage here in Calgary, I am planning on replacing my 30 year old cedar shake roof with Enviroshake, hopefully this fall.”

ROLLIE LUSIS Calgary, Alberta

“We could not be happier with the product and how well it has performed. The eye of Hurricane Matthew passed within 12 miles of the house in 2016 and we never lost a shingle.”

STEVEN KELLY Nassau Bahamas