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A proven superior alternative cedar roofing product since 1998, Enviroshake is a pioneer in the composite roofing industry and the leading advanced manufacturer of composite shakes that naturally replicate the appeal of real cedar shake. Enviroshake is suitable for residential, historical, and commercial applications, and there are thousands of completed Enviroshake projects across North America and the Caribbean. Contact us for more information.

Press release: Enviroshake puts a high-tech and hard-wearing twist on cedar shingles

Real cedar shakes add classic beauty and rustic charm to a home. But wind, rain, and fluctuating temperatures exact a heavy toll on wood, requiring homeowners to replace natural cedar roofs every 10 to 15 years. With Enviroshake®, however, homeowners can finally experience a lifetime of superior curb appeal from their roof, and never have to think about—or sink money into— their cedar-look roof again.

Enviroshake is engineered to replicate the size and appearance of a natural cedar shake. In fact, this carefully designed composite product weathers naturally to a matte grey tone to authentically match the aged appeal of a conventional cedar roof. But while Enviroshake creates a façade of age, the product stands the test of time.

Enviroshake and the art of simplicity

Our society is progressing rapidly at what sometimes feels like lightning speed, and it is a challenge to manage the ever-increasing demands that go with it. Finding ways to simplify our lives is important, and whole industries have sprung up to help us. Professional home organizers abound, TV shows teach us how to de-clutter, and magazines are devoted solely to the topic of simplified living.

Choosing low-maintenance products is one way to make our lives easier and less stressful. We need only look up to see one place at home where maintenance chores can be eliminated. While many love the rustic charm of natural cedar, cedar roofs must be cleaned regularly, kept free of debris and moss, treated to remain in peak condition. It’s a beast of a job to do yourself and expensive if done professionally. And in spite of all this effort, a cedar roof will still need to be replaced every 10–15 years.

Enviroshake story: Rethinking home investment choices

The recent knock to our economy has not only taught us to be more fiscally responsible but has also reminded us that wise investments offer both personal and global rewards. In today’s economy, buying a new home may not be the best investment. After real estate commissions, legal fees, land transfer taxes, and moving expenses, did we really get the value we had hoped for?

Instead, many of us are opting to stay put and maximize the appeal, performance, and resale values of our existing homes. The home improvement choices we make must work hard for us—they have to both beautify our living spaces today and offer long-term durability and a return on investment through reduced maintenance costs, energy bills, or insurance premiums tomorrow.

Enviroshake story: Renovate responsibly

As the economy has slowed, many of us are choosing to stay put and renovate rather than purchase a new home. Others are considering renovation simply to enhance the beauty and value of their existing home. But in today’s environmentally conscious society, we seek out products that beautify and protect our properties while also searching for the most environmentally sound options available. But do we really need to sacrifice one to have the other?