Video Gallery

The video gallery below includes aerial views of some properties from multiple angles, not only giving you a great sense of the overall finish and appearance of the property, but also how it sits within its natural surroundings. You can even watch a complete before and after transformation from cedar to Enviroshake.

You can check out our how-to videos on how to install Enviroshake, complete a starter row or create a mitred cap. You can also see how to test the samples you receive at home so you can see how they perform.

We also have a video of the time we were featured on The Discovery Channel explaining the advantages of Enviroshake over traditional cedar shakes, and the comparative pros and cons of natural versus synthetic cedar shakes, going into detail about the process of designing and manufacturing Enviroshake, and featuring an interview with Ian Muir, the inventor of Enviroshake, which has won awards for innovation. Find out how and why he did it by watching this fascinating explanation of how this great product came to be, and just why it’s so important to protecting our environment.

For a full list of videos, check out our YouTube channel or for photo content, make sure to check out our Photos page.

Aerial videos

Before & After by All Season Remodeling & Exteriors

Enviroshake Featured on The Discovery Channel

How tos

How to install a starter row

YouTube video

How to create a mitre cap


Test Your Samples

YouTube video

Enviroshake Class A Burn Test

YouTube video

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