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An environmentally friendly breakthrough in sustainable roofing materials.

While popular for their classically beautiful finish, natural cedar roofs have two key disadvantages: poor performance and regular upkeep costs. In addition, not all natural cedar wood is sourced responsibly or sustainably, so choosing a synthetic option prevents further depletion of limited natural resources.

Good news! Enviroshake’s products are engineered using 95% recycled materials, offering you a range of premium eco-friendly roofing options for your beautiful and environmentally conscious property.

It’s no wonder, then, that Enviroshake products have become such a popular alternative. With Enviroshake, you can achieve the timeless architectural beauty of a natural cedar roof without the maintenance issues and costs of cedar while improving upon the durability and longevity of your roof. You can also take pride in reducing your environmental impact by installing environmentally friendly roofing.

Enviroshake® and Enviroshingle® are eco-friendly composite roof shakes and shingles made from 95% recycled materials that emulate the authentic appeal of cedar shakes and shingles. What’s more, unlike real cedar products, Enviroshake and Enviroshingle are maintenance-free, mold-, mildew-, and insect-resistant, act as a solid bulwark against the elements, and come with a lifetime warranty for your complete peace of mind.

With a natural cedar roof, you must diligently remove fallen leaves and other natural debris, as such build-up invites mold and mildew, which will not only damage cedar roofs but also lead to further problems with funguses, moss, and algae. Ridding your roof of these damaging and unappealing nuisances often requires the use of harsh chemicals that can be damaging to the natural environment.

In contrast, Enviroshake and Enviroshingle are resistant to the damaging effects of mold and mildew, greatly reducing their maintenance burden and making eco-friendly roofs far less labor-intensive than their natural counterparts.

When you decide it is time to replace your roof, don't think cedar – think Enviroshake.

But that’s just part of the story. Enviroshake is pleased to also offer the Enviroslate®, which provides all the same eco-roofing benefits as Enviroshake® and Enviroshingle® with the authentic look of natural slate.

Enviroshake’s proprietary composite roofing formulation is a mixture of eco-friendly building materials, including postindustrial plastic(s), elastomers, and cellulosic fibre, so that we do not contribute to the demand for new oil. What’s more, our products are fully recyclable, completing their eco-friendly lifecycle and promoting sustainable roofing. In this way, we avoid adding to global landfills, lower our emissions by eliminating unnecessary material transportation, and put less strain on the Earth’s natural resources.

What sets Enviroshake apart is the superior formula and advanced manufacturing process behind our high-quality and eco-friendly products. As if that’s not enough, Enviroshake’s sustainable production process offers significant environmental advantages over traditional solutions. No wonder, then, that countless happy homeowners have looked to Enviroshake to replace their natural cedar roofs!

Here’s why you should think about a using one of Enviroshake’s eco-friendly roofing options to replace or update your existing roofing solution:

  • Enviroshake products are mold-, mildew-, and insect-resistant and will not rot, crack, or peel, vastly lowering maintenance costs
  • The Enviroshake line is impact- and wind-resistant
  • Enviroshake roofs are eligible for a lifetime warranty
  • Enviroshake offers excellent value due to reduced maintenance requirements and a 50-year product lifespan
  • The Enviroshake line is fire-retardant with unconditional Class A fire-rated products available
  • Enviroshake’s non-toxic composition means water runoff is potable
  • Enviroshake is a sustainable roofing option

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)Enviroshake aged cedar being used as a roof and siding on a laneway home with an orange door.

Enviroshake has completed an independent third-party LEED and National Green Building Standard (NGBS) Performance Assessment and is pleased to announce that we contribute 16.5 Direct Points and 57 relevant LEED Points and are certified as a green building services provider. Our LEED assessment highlights a number of Enviroshake’s relevant benefits, including a life expectancy of more than 50 years. Our long product lifespan extends the life expectancy of existing building stock and thus enables the re-use of existing building structures. In addition, the materials used to create Enviroshake products are sourced almost entirely locally to our advanced manufacturing facility in Chatham, Ontario, reducing transportation demands and thus carbon emissions. The indigenous sourcing of our constituent materials means that local constructions can also earn credit by using Enviroshake, extending the reach of our positive environmental impact.

Our commitment to green

Enviroshake prides itself on engaging in best practices, and we consistently strive to minimize our environmental footstep. Any scrap materials generated during the advanced manufacturing process are recycled back into the system. In fact, the final product itself is recyclable.

Enviroshake also directly diverts any waste materials that are not biodegradable. We are proud that our operation process fulfills all components of the 3R environmental agenda—reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Enviroshake creates products that offer the visual appeal of cedar and slate roofing with many added advantages, but most importantly, it can be delivered to the customer without causing a single tree to be cut down.