Lifetime Warranty

A roof for life

Enviroshake offers premium engineered products that we believe in. Because we stand behind our products and aim to provide long-lasting peace of mind to you, we offer simple fully transferable limited lifetime warranties. We are confident that your Enviroshake roof will last you a lifetime.

We offer two levels of roof warranty: a Standard-Level Warranty and a Gold-Level Warranty.

Our Gold-Level Warranty is offered on both residential and commercial properties to customers who use our premium Enviroshield® Synthetic Underlayment. It provides 50 years of coverage and is fully transferable.*

Good news! Clients who choose not to use our Enviroshield Synthetic Underlayment are still covered by the Standard Level Warranty program. The Standard Level Warranty provides 25 years of coverage for both residential and commercial projects and is also fully transferable.

Please review the full warranty document for further details and relevant exclusions and conditions. 

For your Enviroshake warranty to be valid, the following conditions apply:

  • The purchaser must complete the warranty registration within 30 days of their installation’s completion and submit photos of their completed roof as well as a copy of their paid invoice.
  • The product must be installed by a Factory Trained Enviroshake Installer and proof of valid training from Enviroshake will be required (this can also be confirmed with Enviroshake). It is the sole responsibility of the client to ensure that the work is carried out by a Factory Trained Enviroshake Installer. We are happy to provide a list of local trained installers upon request.
  • Enviroshake reserves the right to carry out our own independent inspection of the installation prior to granting the warranty.

Upon receipt of your warranty application, Enviroshake will issue you a warranty certificate. Be sure to keep this document safe to avoid any stress and delay in processing your claim or transferring your warranty should you need to do so.

*25-year warranty for properties and structures south of latitude 25 degrees north. Once transferred, the warranty remains valid for the remaining number of years in the warranty coverage period from the date of installation, not the date of transfer.


Limited Lifetime Warranty