Engineered to offer enduring performance and timeless beauty.

Look no further than Enviroshake for a solution to the flaws of natural cedar. Enviroshake® and Enviroshingle® are composite roofing tiles that authentically replicate the look of natural weathered cedar roofing materials while improving meaningfully upon their performance for greater weather resistance, resistance to environmental stressors, and overall longevity. Our product line minimizes roof maintenance through the use of sustainable roofing materials and an emphasis on quality engineering. 

Residential home with a residential aged cedar roof and copper accents.


Enviroshake replicates natural taper-sawn cedar shakes and is installed at a 9” exposure. All Enviroshake bundles are pre-shuffled to include its 8 different profiles, lending the shakes that rustic cedar aesthetic that offer roofs a truly authentic finish.

Every shake is 20” long and 12” wide with the butt end being ½” thick and the tip being 1/8” thick. Each shake weighs approximately 2 lbs.

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Enviroshake has developed a superior composite blend and formulation to create thecompanys signature roofing products. A premium composite roofing product created using 95% sustainable materials, Enviroslate authentically replicates the look of natural slate on a roof. Our proprietary formulation and advanced manufacturing processresult in products with enhanced durability, longevity, and performance. For this reason, Enviroslate is notsusceptible to mold, mildew, fungus, rot, or insect infestation. It is also hail resistant and canwithstand severe weather conditions as well as temperature fluctuations and extremes. Enviroslate canbe installed more efficiently than can natural slate, and once it is installed, it is maintenance-free. 

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High-end residential home with Enviroslate onyx black.
Jamaican resort with Enviroshingle aged cedar.


The only synthetic roofing product on the market to replicate a 5 ¼” perfection cedar shingle profile. A more tailored cedar shingle look with the performance, and all of the benefits of Enviroshake’s signature formulation.  

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