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THE AUTHENTIC LOOK OF CEDAR AT 1/3 THE LIFETIME COST Enviroshake costs the same as Cedar to install but last almost 3 times as long Read More - with next to no maintenance ENVIROSLATE: THE CLASSIC LOOK OF SLATE All of the beauty of a natural slate roof, Read More at 1/2 the price and 1/3 the weight! PROTECT YOUR HOME WITH UNSURPASSED DURABILITY Not damaged by hail or falling debris, and durable enough Read More you can even walk on it (Level 4 UL 2218) TIMELESS BEAUTY YOU CAN COUNT ON FOR YEARS TO COME With a fully transferable Lifetime Warranty, an Enviroshake roof Read More is the last roof you will ever need A BREAKTHROUGH IN ROOFING ENGINEERING Enviroshake’s green credentials, unique formulation, unsurpassed performance Read More and realistic aesthetic, have architects taking – and speccing!

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Enviroshake is a pioneer in the composite roofing industry, and has developed a superior composite blend and formulation that is used to create the company’s signature roofing products, Enviroshake, Enviroshingle, and Enviroslate. The durable and attractive premium quality roofing materials are the only composites on the market that authentically look like natural cedar shakes, cedar shingles, and natural slate, while also offering unsurpassed performance and longevity.

Enviroshake products have been used in numerous high profile new construction and renovation projects such as Sandy Lane Resort in Barbados and the Henry David Thoreau home, and have been featured on various television shows. Enviroshake products are available across Canada, the U.S., the Caribbean and the Bahamas. To maintain the highest level of quality, Enviroshake products can be installed exclusively by Factory Trained Enviroshake Installers.


Homeowners today have a variety of options to choose from in the area of contemporary roofing. Synthetic & Composite roofing is hugely popular and makes up a rapidly growing segment of the roofing market. Some of the most attractive yet durable and long lasting premium quality materials for roofing include composites available in the market today. Composites are authentic in their appearance, with most designed to emulate natural slate, natural cedar shakes or cedar shingles, without having the issues associated with the natural options. When it comes to longevity and performance, the composite roofing materials are in a class of their own.

Wood roofing, in either shake or shingle style, is sought after for its traditional aesthetic appeal. Most wood roofs are made from cedar tree, with shakes offering a more rustic, thick, tapered appearance at a typical 9” exposure, and shingles offering a more refined, uniform look with smaller profiles at a 5” exposure.

Composites are engineered to look as realistic as possible to natural cedar, with the use of 3D images of cedar shakes and shingles, to ensure the final product replicates the authentic cedar look from the profiles offered, thickness, width, and topical grain texture. Some composites are even designed to weather like natural cedar does within the first year to offer a natural variation and silvered colour like cedar does, without the concern of further degradation that is unavoidable with natural cedar.

Composite cedar shakes & shingles essentially are a superior choice considering they offer the same aesthetics, but are also resistant to moisture, wind and UV exposure. With less than 2% moisture absorption, composites will not rot, crack, peel or blister and are resistant to insects, mildew and mold. Composites are extremely durable, can withstand incredibly high winds in some cases up to 180 MPH, and use UV inhibitor technology to ensure there is no UV degradation over the life of the roof.

In areas with extreme climates such as coastal areas and mountain areas, composite roofing products are far superior resistance to the elements such as strong winds, snowstorms, hailstorms, heavy rain, salt spray and freeze/thaw conditions than natural cedar.


Composite slate roofing provides a natural slate look, with varied edges that are highly defined, truly emulating the appearance of real slate. Apart from wielding the natural slate authentic look, composites are significantly affordable than their natural counterpart, and can be installed for about ½ the cost. Composite slate roof adds a unique beauty to a property including reliable protection without expensive repair or maintenance. Composite slate roofing is far easier to install than natural slate, and coming in at 1/3 the weight of natural slate does not require special reinforcement to the roof structure as real slate does.

Composite slate products are far more durable and with a level 4 UL 2218 impact rating –the highest available- are not damaged by walking on them, impact from hail or other debris. Unlike natural slate which can also be a dangerous hazard when pieces do break or fall off the roof.

Homeowners thinking about balancing aesthetics, performance, cost and total value will love composite shakes & shingles. Their natural aesthetics, durability, and longevity make them a far superior option to natural slate and shake. Composites are also backed by substantial warranties, in most cases backing the products for a lifetime or 50 years. Composite & Synthetic roof tiles offer discerning homeowners a high quality tested roofing option.

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