Recycled Doesn’t Mean Unknown

You may not think of roofing manufacturers as scientists, but every component of our product is carefully thought out, reviewed, and tested so we can offer products with industry leading performance and longevity.

Research has shown that consumers may avoid purchasing recycled or sustainable products because they believe they will have to pay a higher price for something that may not perform as well as the regular products they are familiar with.

This is a common misconception we hear, but fortunately, a recycled product does not mean it was unreliably sourced or that its contents are unknown, and sustainable does not mean lower quality or cheaply made.

Enviroshake products are made from 95% post-industrial recycled plastics, fibers, and elastomers. So, what does that mean for you?

Enviroshake only uses 2 recycled polymers, which are pure in their form. Recycled simply means they have just been processed before. Enviroshake’s recycled polymers are exclusively post-industrial materials. They are still in their pure form when we receive them. This is very different from post-consumer recycled materials which have been transformed into finished goods. The short answer is there are no water bottles, or yogurt cups in Enviroshake’s formulation.

Both virgin and recycled polymers have the same molecular make up (just like water is always H20 whether it is falling from the sky as rain or in the ocean or a lake) and in fact, recycled polymers can actually be as pure or even more pure than a virgin polymer. Recycled and virgin polymers must pass the same mechanical tests to confirm their impact strength and stability. As long as the product passes the tests it is irrelevant if they were made from virgin or recycled materials.

So why do some manufacturers use virgin polymers? It comes down to the manufacturing process. Some manufacturing processes require virgin polymers due to the flowability of the polymer, whereas other manufacturing processes are able to use recycled polymers with a slightly lower mal flow. Performance of the polymer in the finished product is not dictated by it being virgin or recycled.

A polymer’s performance is truly dictated by its additives, not whether it was recycled or virgin. Enviroshake uses the most innovative and best in class additives to enhance the properties of our raw materials and protect them. A virgin polymer with no impact modifiers, is a much more fragile product than a recycled polymer product with impact modifiers used.

Enviroshake’s additives prevent UV degradation and ensure long-lasting durability and that’s why the lifespan of a natural cedar roof simply cannot compare to Enviroshake. Real world tests show that the UV stabilizer Enviroshake uses gives almost 5 times better protection than other top UV stabilizers!

At Enviroshake, we take the statement, engineered roofing very seriously. Our products are scientifically formulated and engineered to provide outstanding performance that will outlast natural cedar and slate. Our proprietary formula has been purposely and thoughtfully created, and the same percentage of raw materials is used in every batch for a consistent finished product. Enviroshake follows ISO 9001:2015 guidelines, which means we have strict quality control procedures in place, and we cannot variate from our process. We are third party audited on a regular basis.

That's why you can trust an Enviroshake roof to protect your home for many years to come and take pride in using a fully sustainable, recycled product.

If you are like us and get excited about the technical performance and engineering in our products, ask your rep about the science behind Enviroshake to learn more!

Experience the difference.