Enviroshake achieves an unconditional Class A fire rating

What it means to have an unconditional Class A fire rating - and why other products can’t match it

Ontario, Canada, 15 November 2019 – Composite roofing products are highly sought after for their authentic, natural appearance and unmatched performance. But as their compositions include plastic and/or rubber, they have long struggled to obtain fire ratings higher than Class C. As a result, composite roofing companies often disguise their Class C fire ratings by advertising Class A roofing systems” that depend on supplementary products, such as underlayments, which can be complicated and expensive to install. 

This is what sets Enviroshake apart. Enviroshake’s newly available unconditional Class A fire rating (ASTM E108) does not require the expensive supplementary products other materials rely on to achieve its best-in-class fire rating. Instead, its intensive scientific testing and state-of- the-art engineering processes have developed a product that boasts an unconditional Class A rating independent of such “systems.” This is especially exciting news for property owners in areas with an increased risk of wildfires, such as California – and it offers Enviroshake a distinctive competitive edge. Furthermore, this engineering breakthrough sets a new safety standard for composite roofing the world over.


What should consumers know?

  • Class A fire ratings are not as clear as they seem:
    • Unconditional Class A fire rating – The product itself is resistant to fire
    • Class A fire-rated roofing system – The roof is dependent on an underlayment
  • If a consumer purchased a synthetic tile with a Class A fire rating, they should reach out to the company to make sure it has an unconditional Class A fire rating. Installed without the appropriate underlayment, a tile that’s part of a Class A roofing system does not provide protection from fire.
  • Be cautious around companies claiming to have a Class A fire rating when the fire rating comes from a separate product

Here's a quick video showing some different brands of synthetic tiles burn, to see the difference a Class A fire rating truly makes when it matters most. The video has been sped up and minor visuals have been added, but it was otherwise left unedited. 


About Enviroshake 

Established in 1998 and based in Canada, Enviroshake is an advanced manufacturer of composite roofing products that authentically replicate the classic aesthetic of natural cedar shake and slate. Enviroshake’s superior engineered formula, which boasts a sustainable combination of post-industrial recycled plastics, elastomers, and natural wood fibres, and its advanced manufacturing process create premium products with unsurpassed durability, longevity, performance, and appeal. 

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