Photos of Enviroshake Projects

Below you will find photos, videos, and descriptions of Enviroshake projects that our happy customers have documented for us, helpfully displayed in a variety of media. You will find great images and examples of composite roofing, alternative roofing solutions, commercial roofing, slate roofing, and synthetic slate roofing. You will also be able to see detailed images of some of our products, including slate tiles, composition shingles, staggered roof tiles, slate shingles, mansard siding, and mansard shingles, in the images of specific projects, which really help to get a good sense of what can be achieved with Enviroshake products.

Some notable examples include a Caribbean roof, a cottage roof, a roof on a spectacular mountain property, and an attractive coastal roof. These are really helpful in getting a sense of the appearance of different roof shingle patterns, and the various styles that shingle patterns can follow. The different kinds of projects shown on these pages include staggered roof projects, mountain projects, and mansard siding projects.

In addition to our many Enviroshake projects, we have also included a selection of images of various different Enviroslate and Enviroshingle projects, installed on a range of different style properties, from traditional houses to more modern complexes, to give you a sense of the scope of possibilities that are available using our different products.

We have also included helpful roofing videos, demonstrating commercial roof installation and manufacture, and explanations of how to design and implement full commercial roofing systems. Videos include aerial views of a large property from multiple angles; this gives a great sense not only of the overall finish and appearance of the property, but also how it sits within its natural surroundings.

Our roof installation video shows you just how quickly and efficiently an Enviroshake roof can be installed, in comparison to traditional cedar, taking you right the way through the process with detailed step by step explanations, from the underlay process, to the starter shingles, the starter row process, right the way through to completion. This video will give you reassurance that you understand exactly how your new roof will be constructed, the level of attention to detail that is paid in its construction, and demonstrates the high level of expertise that all of our certified installers possess as standard. After watching this video you will be convinced of the quality of both our product and our installation process.

We also have a video explaining the advantages of Enviroshake over traditional cedar shakes, and the comparative pros and cons of natural versus synthetic cedar shakes, going into detail about the process of designing and manufacturing Enviroshake, and featuring an interview with Ian Muir, the inventor of Enviroshake, which has won awards for innovation. Find out how and why he did it by watching this fascinating explanation of how this great product came to be, and just why it’s so important to protecting our environment.

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