Enviroshake Product Lines


Enviroshake Inc.’s Product Lines

Enviroshake® and Enviroshingle® are both composite roofing products that are designed to authentically replicate the look of natural weathered cedar roofing materials.

Enviroshake® Profiles


Enviroshake® is designed to replicate a taper sawn cedar shake, and is meant to be installed at a 9″ exposure. Enviroshake® offers a thick cedar shake look.

Enviroshake® is available in 8 different profiles (all bundles are pre-shuffled to include a mixture of profiles).

Every shake is 20” long, and 12” wide with the thickness at the butt being ½” and the thickness at the tip being 1/8”. Each shake weighs approximately 2 lbs.

Enviroshake® is installed at a 9” exposure, and can be installed on roof slopes 2:12 and greater. All ridge caps are custom made for each project (available in 3/12 through 16/12 pitch, and come in bundles of 10).

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Enviroshake® Options

Classic Silvered Cedar

Products Classic Silvered Cedar






The authentic look of a 3-4 year old silvered cedar shake roof.

Aged Cedar

Products Aged Cedar






The darker grey tones found in a 10-12 year old cedar shake roof.


Products Multi-Tone






The best of both worlds, combining silvered grey and darker grey colors installed in an alternating pattern to achieve the authentic look of an ageing cedar shake roof.

*With our multi-tone look, the shakes will weather over time and the disparity in the two tones will be reduced. As we use recycled material and natural fibres, the final tones may not exactly resemble those in the pictures.

What You Need to Know About Shake Roof Cost

While choosing a roofing material to replace your roof or selecting the roof of your new home, there are many diverse roofing materials to consider. Composite synthetic cedar shakes are one of the best and perhaps attractive alternatives available. Roofing with cedar shakes has been commonplace throughout history. Shake roofing compliments a variety of architectural styles, especially colonial, Nantucket, and other traditional architectural styles. The unique rustic appeal, and natural look cedar offers is a symbol of heritage and exclusivity.

Over time, cedar shakes as a natural material, weather and turn a silvery gray and then darken further as they deteriorate. Cedar deteriorates from exposure to moisture, freeze-thaw, UV, and salt spray, leading to issues such as mold, mildew, decay, curling, warping and cracking shakes, requiring maintenance and ultimately replacement.

In order to prolong the life of a cedar shake roof topical treatments and maintenance are required.

Composite shakes are designed to offer the natural look of cedar without the issues and maintenance natural cedar requires.

Cost of Shake Roofing

Depending on geography, and the grade/type of cedar being installed, a typical shake roof costs about $7-$10 installed for every square foot. This would be an approximate upfront installed cost of about $35,000 for a 4,000 sq foot roof. It is important to remember that you typically need to purchase 15-20%+ extra material to account for the upfront waste of unusable shakes, and installation cuts & wastage. For those living in neighborhoods prone to fire you may want to purchase pressure-treated shakes, to achieve some level of fire resistance. In addition, proper cedar shake installation requires the use of specific underlayment & nails, cedar breathers, and zinc strips. If your roof deck, rafters, or valley and eave metal are damaged or rotten, replacement or repair might be required, which can also increase the initial installed cost. Additional cost drivers when it comes to replacement or repair of shake roofs include the height, slope, complexity and size of your roof.

Without a doubt, engineered composite shakes are quickly becoming the most sought after roofing material found across North America. Compared to cedar, they are far easier & faster to install, without the cedar breathers, interweaving, and special accessories cedar requires. Although, the material cost for a composite material may be more than cedar shakes, it is the installed cost savings that allow both natural and composite materials to be installed for about the same price. The cost savings from installing an engineered composite roof is that there are no additional maintenance costs, no treatments or topical coating costs, and most importantly no re-roofing costs, which can add up to tens of thousands of dollars even after only 5-10 years.

Wood Shakes: Lifetime Cost and Comparison

Wood shakes have a significant lifetime cost compared to composite & synthetic roofing shingles. In order to maintain the appearance and thwart deterioration natural cedar must be topically treated, repaired and maintained at least every five years, but in some cases as often as annually. If looks alone were everything, wood shakes are a great choice, but the true lifetime cost must be considered.

Being critical when it comes to making decisions on the kind of roofing to use, and considering both the regular maintenance and work you are willing to do, and afford can help to ascertain the kind of shake roofing that serves your home better. Essentially, if long term costs, maintenance and erratic weather are a concern in addition to the desired aesthetic of wood-shakes, composite roofing is absolutely the way to go.

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