You can find cheaper, but not better

As a leader in the synthetic roofing industry, Enviroshake takes pride in the quality of our engineered products. Our proprietary composite blend is designed to create superior products that offer a solution to the flaws of natural cedar and slate.

Could we make our products cheaper? Sure, but then they’d be just that - cheap.

  • They wouldn't last long
  • They wouldn't give you the performance and durability that natural products can't duplicate
  • They wouldn't be sustainably produced
  • They wouldn’t offer the traditional and authentic look of cedar and slate
  • They wouldn't meet the highest ratings in the roofing industry
  • They wouldn't be Enviroshake

by Northwood Roofing Ltd.
You can find cheaper composites, but not better ones!
It’s obvious that knowing their product has evolved into North America’s #1 premium composite product motivates Enviroshake’s excellence. You can find cheaper composites, but not better ones!

by Hart Hillman
Worth the long-term investment
Products exceeded expectations. Not inexpensive (initially) but absolutely worth the longer-term investment.

by Bob Schroeder
We receive so many compliments
I did my research into metal, cedar, and composite roofing. We chose Enviroshake and have had so many compliments on the roof asking what it is. I think it was money well spent and put our house value up. Very happy with the results.

One-time cost for lifetime performance

Unlike natural cedar, Enviroshake is maintenance free and does not warp, crack, or rot. You won’t have to spend thousands of dollars on upkeep costs or preservatives. Enviroshake will retain its value and offers the homeowner a 70-80% ROI. Our fully transferable limited lifetime warranty increases the resale value of your home and allows new owners to inherit a lifetime roof. With Enviroshake, you get what you pay for. This will be the last roof your home ever needs.

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