The Best Roof for Hurricane Season

With over two decades of proven performance in everything from tropical storms to Category 5 hurricanes, Enviroshake is engineered to give you peace of mind wherever you are, no matter what.

If you live in a coastal area where hurricanes are possible, we know how important it is for you to feel prepared. Choosing a roofing material that will withstand extreme winds and direct impact is one of the strongest lines of defense in protecting your home or property during a natural disaster.

One resort in the Dominican Republic recently suffered from the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Fiona on September 19, 2022. Despite Category 3 hurricane winds and direct impact from fallen trees, the Enviroshake roof at Iberostar Resort was left without any damage.

Enviroshake products have an unsurpassed wind resistance of up to 180 mph (290 km/h). We have passed the High Velocity Hurricane Zone TAS 125 and achieved Miami Dade HVHZ approval. The standard high velocity testing acceptance as well as most other synthetic products are rated to only 110 mph.

Enviroshake has also been awarded the highest impact rating available of Class 4 UL 2218. The tiles can withstand impact from hail the size of a Starbucks venti coffee.

Enviroshake roofs have also withstood the following hurricanes:

  • Hurricane Irma (highest wind speed: 177 mph or 285 km/h)
  • Hurricane Katrina (highest wind speed: 175 mph or 281 km/h)
  • Hurricane Maria (highest wind speed: 175 mph or 282 km/h)
  • Hurricane Gonzalo (highest wind speed: 145 mph or 233 km/h)
  • Typhoon Haiyan (highest wind speed: 143 mph or 230 km/h)
  • Hurricane Harvey (highest wind speed: 130 mph or km/h)
  • Hurricane Sandy (highest wind speed: 115 mph or 185 km/h)
  • And other tropical storms and typhoons

In 2010, Calgary, Alberta faced a severe hailstorm bringing hailstones almost four centimeters wide, smashing a national record for damage expenses. The powerful hail that dented cars and damaged homes and businesses, resulted in over 60,000 insurance claims totaling over $400 million – a record amount for a hailstorm in Canada, according to the National Insurance Bureau. Following this storm, we are proud to say that Enviroshake had zero warranty claims.

“Congratulations on how well the Enviroshake held up on the Hamilton house. At my house on Tortola we experienced up to 200mph gusts [during hurricane Irma] - difficult to deal with that!”

– Jon Osman, Architect, British Virgin Islands

"Enviroshake is the best roofing product in its category! No exceptions to the quality. We have a family estate in the Bahamas, on the ocean made up of 5 buildings all adorned and under roof with Enviroshake aged cedar shingles. We have been through 4 major hurricanes, 6 named storms and NEVER lost a shingle. The product is everything and more than they promise it to be.”

– Bruce Griffin, Bahamas

“During Hurricane Ike, our Enviroshake roof withstood a direct hit from a falling tree branch with a 5″ diameter; one cracked tile and that was it.”

– Sara Tyler, Houston, Texas, USA

We want you to be prepared for even the most unpredictable storms. Start by considering Enviroshake for your roof.

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