Enviroshake VS Cedar

Enviroshake Products vs. Wood Shakes and Shingles

Enviroshake® Inc. products are composite “high-tech” roofing and siding materials which replicate the look of a weathered cedar shakes and shingles, but unlike natural wood, have the added benefit of performance and durability associated with Enviroshake’s unique composition.

Enviroshake Products…

  • Lifetime warranty that is fully transferable within the first 50 years
  • Enviroshake Products are installed for the same price as cedar!
  • Enviroshake replicates the look of #1 grade taper-split cedar
  • Enviroshingle replicate the look of perfection cedar shingles
  • Enviroshake and Enviroshingle come in three colour options to reflect the different looks of cedar: Silvered Cedar, Aged Cedar, and Multi-Tone
  • Will not rot, blister, peel or crack
  • Maintenance and worry free
  • Mould, mildew and insect resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Hail & Impact Resistant – Level 4 impact certification (UL2218)
  • Passed Miami Dade wind speed tests at 180 MPH (290 km/h)
  • Requires no pretreatments or preservatives
  • You can walk on it
  • Installs with less waste
  • Made from 95% recycled materials
  • Retains its value, giving the homeowner a 70-80% ROI

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  • May require replacement due to rotting, warping, cracking, leaking or diminished aesthetics
  • Expensive to replace
  • Life expectancy of only 15-20 yrs, but begins to lose its aesthetic appeal after 5-10 years
  • High maintenance: requires pre-treatments preservatives and other topical maintenance
  • Poor fire rating
  • Subject to mold, mildew and insects
  • Depreciates in value from the date of installation

The Lure of Composite & Synthetic Roofing Materials

Historically cedar shakes and shingles have been a traditional roofing material used across North America. As time has passed the aesthetic of cedar is still highly sought after, but natural cedar shakes and shingles have become less appealing due to their shortened lifespan, costly maintenance, and in some cases restrictions against using cedar due to fire codes. Asphalt shingles simply cannot provide the aesthetic of natural cedar, and in fact lower a home’s resale value when a cedar shake roof is replaced with asphalt shingles. This has led to an increased demand for composite and synthetic shake roofing option that can offer the desired aesthetic as well as the maintenance free longevity that homeowner’s desire.

An excellent choice

Composite cedar shakes & shingles, according to third party research, are an excellent alternative to real wood shakes. They are designed to truly replicate the authentic look of cedar by replicating the thickness, width, profiles, and topical texture of natural cedar. In fact, composite shakes are actually made from the 3d images of natural cedar shakes to ensure a true to nature design. Due to their unique formulation composite cedar shakes offer superior durability and longevity, all while being maintenance free. Composite cedar shakes, unlike natural cedar, are not prone to mold, mildew, insects, warping, cracking, or curling. They are not damaged from high winds, UV, freeze/thaw, moisture, salt spray or impact. The beauty of a composite roof is it allows you to maintain the desired silvered cedar look for the life of your roof without the deterioration that a natural wood roof ultimately faces.

Peace of mind

Composite and synthetic roofing shingles give homeowners a unique peace of mind based on the fact that they do not require maintenance or re-roofing in their lifespan. Most composite roofs are sold with a lifetime warranty, and a lifespan of at least 50 years!

Humid environments

Natural cedar shakes, due to their moisture absorption, are also substantially impacted in humid climates. As such, in most environments today, natural cedar roof –even if treated- will only last a maximum of 20-25 years. The moisture causes the shakes to warp, crack, and curl, decay and develop mold, which not only is aesthetically unpleasing but compromises the roof system as deterioration progresses. Conversely, synthetic roofing shingles have less than 2% moisture absorption, so are not affected by the issues cedar shakes face in humid environments. In addition, synthetic shake gives residents the desired cedar shake appearance with a much longer lifespan.

Fire Retardancy

Synthetic roofing materials provide peace of mind. In high fire risk areas, even treated cedar is being banned, making synthetic shakes the most attractive alternative.

Environmentally friendly

Most synthetic cedar shake roofing tiles are made using some portion of recycled materials, with some being made with up to 95% recycled materials. This, in addition to the fact that many can be recycled at the end of their life, reduces the environmental footprint of shake roofing options, and helps to save trees every time they’re used instead of natural cedar.
There is a widespread push towards green building and eco-friendly roofing materials as well as low maintenance roofing materials, as sustainability becomes an important topic in North America. Everyone wants a roof that captures the beauty of natural materials’ appearance, color variation, texture but also offers superior performance. Architects, builders and homeowners today have the luxury of using authentically looking alternatives that can impress evening the most discerning eye, while also offering the durability and lifespan natural materials cannot.

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