Why Not Cedar?

Why Not Cedar?

Before you choose Cedar, make sure you understand its limitations:

Cedar is prone to mold, mildew, and insects

  • Many factors in the environment can seriously affect a cedar roof including leaves from trees, dirt in the air, animal activities, excessive shade and moisture and too much sunlight.
  • Factors that influence cedar’s life span include thickness of material, the cut of the material, grade of the material, how the material was treated prior to being cut, whether the material has been treated with cuprinol (a chemical preservative), how well the roof is installed (including expensive Cedar Breather-which is necessary as Cedar NEEDS to breath) and the slope of the roof.


Modern cedar shakes are less durable than they used to be.

  • The old growth cedar trees used years ago lasted 40 years if installed properly.
  • Newer growth cedar is all that is available today, and lasts only 15-20 years (or less) depending on region, climate conditions and installation.


Cedar Shakes require costly maintenance and upkeep

  • Protecting wood from decay is of primary importance. Failure from decay can occur in less than 10 years, and failure from weathering, though slower, is an accumulative process.
  • Cedar roofs, unlike an Enviroshake roof, need regular maintenance in order to insure the greatest value and longevity from them.
  • Maintenance can cost  $500 – $1000 per year on average.
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