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Enviroshake Services


Enviroshake is pleased to offer the following services to assist in the selection of one of our roofing products.

Refundable Services

Eagleview satellite imaging of existing building(s)


Detailed Material Take off  from your drawings in PDF or CAD format


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3D Product imagery

(See how our product would look on your roof)


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Download the Enviroshake Services form below to print out and fax to 1-519-380-0689 or email to info@enviroshake.com, or your Enviroshake Sales Representative. Please include your home plans, or home photo if requesting a material takeoff or 3D imaging.

Enviroshake Services Programs -2016

Eagle view satellite imaging of existing building(s)

We can use comprehensive eagle eye view satellite imaging to provide you with satellite roof measurements of your existing building, or buildings, accompanied by a comprehensive report and measurement summary. The report will be broken down into sections on: Areas per Pitch, a Waste Calculation Table, Penetration measurements, and Parapet Wall Area, which are all key to roofing services. What’s more, it contains a detailed break down of these measurements, and an explanation of what they mean, including the implications and recommendations arising from this data. Roof measurements from satellites can also make note of the property’s exact location, and any pertinent notes related to the building’s history. Simply stated, this satellite imaging constitutes a professional roof service that will give you a valuable breakdown of the dimensions of your building, meaning you will be well equipped and properly prepared for assessing your roofing service needs prior to making any purchases or contracting works.

Detailed Material Take off from your drawings in PDF or CAD format

This is essentially a cost estimation service, which forms part of our roofing services. As part of it, we will analyze your drawings to present detailed roof measurements, broken down and presented in a tabular and graphical format. We then use these to produce a list of the items, equipment and material types, weights and quantities that will be required for your roofing replacement or installation service, and make estimates regarding labor requirements and costs. These can be produced in either a PDF or CAD format, whichever best suits your needs. This is an essential part of a comprehensive roofing service, as it enables you or your contractor to properly plan for transportation and construction, making procurement and requisition much easier.

3D Product imagery (See how our product would look on your roof)

Our highly realistic 3D imagery service enables you to not just imagine, but actually see what our products will look like when installed on the roof of your home or property. In our experience, this is the best way of getting an accurate impression of how the finished product will look, if it will complement the architectural style and colouring of the property, and how it will fit in with your natural surroundings. We do this by taking good quality, high resolution photographs of the building and then use a sophisticated scanning and imaging method to create visual aids for you that will assist you in choosing the right roofing service and product for you and your home, ensuring that you will be 100% happy with the end result, and avoiding any unexpected surprises.

NOTE: Material Takeoffs, and 3D product imagery pricing is based on residential single-family homes [one building].
*Material Takeoff Exception pricing: $75.00 initial + $25.00 per additional hour for multiple buildings, or commercial/resorts projects.
*3D Product Imagery Exception pricing: $75.00 initial + $30.00 per additional hour for multiple buildings, or commercial/resorts projects.
*Refundable services: the cost of refundable services will be show as a reimbursement to the customer on their Enviroshake Inc. Order Invoice. If an order is not placed, the service charge will not be reimbursed.

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