Home Owner Associations

Home Owner Associations

Enviroshake has found great success amongst Home Owner Associations. Enviroshake’s products offer the traditional look of cedar shakes and shingles that discerning homeowners and associations wants, with the added benefits of being maintenance free, mould, mildew, and insect resistant, extremely durable, and backed by a lifetime fully transferable warranty.

5 reasons why Enviroshake is perfect for your Home Owner Association

1. It’s durable & safe – With the highest –level 4- impact rating in accordance with UL 2218 testing, hail & golf balls are no longer a worry. A class C fire rating makes Enviroshake extremely fire retardant. Enviroshake products can withstand wind speeds up to 180 MPH (290 km/h), and are not damaged by UV or salt spray making the products ideal for coastal applications.

2.Realtors agree that having Enviroshake on your roof, will give you a 70-80% ROI upon resale.

Highly distinguished and awarded realtor, Dan Cooper, states “Enviroshake roofs can add to a homes’ value upon resale. Replacing an old/failing premium roof such as cedar or slate with an Enviroshake composite roof can not only enhance the curb appeal, but enhances the resale price because it provides the same premium aesthetic, without the maintenance and performance issues, and of course re-roofing. It should also be noted that replacing a natural cedar or slate roof with asphalt not only diminishes the aesthetics of a home but decreases its value as well”.

3. It will save you money on insurance premiums. Insurance companies like State Farm, offer discounted insurance premiums to homes with Enviroshake on their roof. Roofing: Premium Credits Product Listing (See page 34).

4. Longevity & performance. Enviroshake is completely maintenance free, and comes with a lifetime warranty that is fully transferable within the first 50 years.

5. Most importantly, aesthetics! You get the truly authentic look of taper sawn cedar shakes or perfection cedar shingles. Enviroshake Inc. is pleased to offer various color options to emulate a natural cedar roof in various stages of its life. Enviroshake products are available in classic silvered cedar, aged cedar, or multi tone. All Enviroshake products will weather, and as with cedar, there  may be variations in shading and thickness of the shakes, giving the product a natural look on the roof.

Below are examples of HOAs where traditional statutes on roofing materials were overturned to allow for Enviroshake to be an approved roofing material.

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Woodlea Manor, Leesburg VA USA

Is a community of 467 single-family homes, surrounded by the charm of historic Leesburg and the beauty of the Catoctin Mountains.

Ipswich Country Club Community, Ipswich MA USA

The Ipswich Roofing Committee asked local realtors for their opinion of replacing the existing cedar roofs in the community with Enviroshake. Here’s what they had to say:

“As a homeowner (with a new cedar roof) as well as a realtor, I feel that having an alternative to cedar would be a positive factor in the marketing of Ipswich Country Club properties. The 50-year guarantee from Enviroshake would answer many of the concerns of potential buyers. I am also pleased with the appearance of this new material on the front of our mail kiosk” (Dudley Miller, Coldwell Banker, Ipswich MA)

“The cedar roofs at Ipswich Country Club are starting to become a concern to potential buyers. It would be helpful if there was an alternative material which could be used that had a longer life expectancy and came with a guarantee. I think that the roof –Enviroshake- which is on the front of the mail house looks good and would be an appropriate alternative to cedar.” (Sally Longnecker, Coldwell Banker, Ipswich MA)

Mariners Haven, Collingwood ON Canada

Mariners Haven, an exclusive condominium community on the western shores of Georgian Bay has become a trend setter in the move to sustainable living.

Mariners is undergoing one of the most ambitious re-roofing projects in southern Ontario – moving from traditional cedar to a synthetic material made from re-cycled products.

The prime contractor, Jay Carter Roofing, is replacing the aging cedar, on the entire complex, with the increasingly popular product Enviroshake®. Enviroshake is made from 95 percent recycled materials including plastics, fibers, and tire-derived rubber. It has a superior resistance to UV rays and looks like real cedar.

Mariners Haven, originally built by the famous Kaufman family, is a collection of 32 semi-detached homes, built around a private marina basin. The community was conceived and started in the mid 1980s with cedar shake roofs that have begun to deteriorate and must be replaced.

Richard Wilson, president of the Mariners condominium board and an expert in large renovation projects said the original plan was to go back to cedar.  “We hired an engineering firm to assess the roofs and to help write the specifications for the replacement.  Originally, we were looking at replacement with a better cedar, but Jay Carter came back to us with an alternate proposal – to go with Enviroshake®.”

Enviroshake also gets a superior rating from LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design –  an accreditation system administered by the Canadian Green Building Council to accelerate the transformation to high-performing, healthy green buildings, homes and communities throughout Canada.

The project is well underway and Wilson says the Enviroshake looks great.

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The product maintained its integrity throughout the storm”

“…I want to thank you for making the whole process so pleasant, easy, and rewarding.  You welcomed the myriad of questions with which we peppered you from start to finish and answered all of them with obvious concern that we would be completely satisfied.  As the point person for our POA, you made me feel as though I was part of the Enviroshake “family”.  I was delighted when I got to meet both of you when you each came down here at different time during the process.

Our roofer was also pleased with the individualized instructions you gave him and the easy access he had with your technical installation experts as he began installing his first couple of roofs.  He felt very comfortable calling and getting quick responses to his questions.

And last, but not least, I want to thank you for introducing us to the most wonderful, Eco-friendly, structurally sound, and beautiful substitute for cedar shake shingles imaginable.  Not only do they look like (but better than) our old cedar shakes, but these are the last roofs we will ever have to put on and our insurance rates have been favorably impacted.  To sum it up, we love them!  Thank you so much!” – Susan Cook, Treasurer, Westridge POA, Hot Springs Arkansas

In many cases HOAs may wish to see what the Enviroshake looks like before allowing it to pass as an allowed roofing material. Enviroshake will make every effort to accommodate the desire for “show room” displays. Past examples include mailbox coverings, sheds, or communal buildings being re-roofed in the past.

If you would like to learn more about Enviroshake’s HOA programs, or would like an Enviroshake Representative to present to your board, please contact us at 1-866-423-3302 or info@enviroshake.com.

Download the Home Owner Association info sheet below.

Home Owner Association Info Sheet

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