Installation Instructions

Please note, we have updated our wind testing since our installation video has come out, and we now recommend a 9 inch exposure for all coastal and high wind installations based on our 182 mph Miami-Dade rating

Enviroshake’s shape and dimension are replicated from a No. 1 Grade hand split cedar shake. Enviroshingle‘s shape and dimension are replicated from perfection cedar shingles. They are both installed in the same manner as cedar pursuant to building code requirements for fasteners, flashings, underlay, and roof ventilation, but do not require strapping, cedar breather, or interweaving between courses.  However, They are both installed with less than 8% waste, saving you time and money!

Enviroshake Inc. products are installed with up to 40% less labour than cedar as there is no need to sort, or  hand split every pieces (splitting is only required to start each course with Enviroshingle material ONLY), and they comes pre-sorted and shuffled. To read more about the labour savings of installing Enviroshake Inc. products vs cedar Click Here.

For detailed installation instructions please  to contractors area!

Enviroshake products must be installed by a Certified Enviroshake Installer in order for the warranty to be valid.

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