Testimonials from Architects

Architects and builders appreciate the look, durability and green credentials of Enviroshake.

Enviroshake was the obvious answer

“As a Builder of many fine custom homes, I have come across many different products in the marketplace. I wanted the look of cedar, but was very concerned by the quality of the cedar product available to me. I have learned that there was such a high demand for real cedar products, that the shingles and shakes being used were harvested from many junior growth trees, which resulted in a roof which may not last for up to 15 years before needing replacement. I wanted to achieve a cedar shake look for the roof, while being eco-friendly, and budget conscientious with no maintenance at my own personal cottage. Enviroshake was the obvious answer.” – Robert Cohen, President of Markay Homes


Enviroshake Inc. products truly look like real cedar

“Wright Family Custom Homes was founded on four core values: quality, craftsmanship, integrity and excellence. When I discovered Enviroshake® Inc. I know their products were a great fit with our values as they embody the same beliefs. Enviroshake Inc. products truly look like real cedar, are maintenance free, durable, and offer significant lifetime savings for homeowners. I look forward to continuing to use Enviroshake® on my custom homes.” – Tim Wright, Wright Family Custom Homes, Asheville NC


The product maintained its integrity throughout the storm”

“Following the passage of hurricane Irene it was apparent that the winds, some of which were gusting up to 120mph had resulted in some considerable damage to numerous roofs. I am happy to say that the Enviroshake roof we installed on Bay Street was not one. The product maintained its integrity throughout the storm, both resisting the force of the wind and effective barrier against almost pressurized wind borne rain. In no small part can the success of this property to resist the elements throughout the hurricane attributed to the consistent quality performance of the product.” – Pete Worboys, Project Manager, John F. Dunn Nassau Bahamas.


Innovation and entrepreneurship have reached new heights

“Agricultural innovation and entrepreneurship have reached new heights with the Enviroshake®. Canada’s reputation for excellence is built on achievement at all levels, and I am delighted to witness first-hand the production of this new and truly innovative product.” – Lyle Vanclief, Federal Minister of Agriculture (Canada)

I would definitely recommend Enviroshake® to every client that is building a cedar shake roof.

“I found Enviroshake® online when my client requested me to research for a material that replaces the natural cedar shingles with something stronger, with less maintenance and a similar look.

What I like the most about the product is the fact that it has almost zero maintenance cost, comes with lifetime warranty and that it is environmentally friendly. It makes it ideal for a project done these days where we need to recycle materials as much as we can. I would definitely recommend Enviroshake® to every client that is building a cedar shake roof.” – Hernan Santarcangelo, Architect, IDC Florida.


The fire rating was a major factor in their initial decision to utilize the Enviroshake

“I recently completed a roofing job using your Enviroshake® roofing product and was very pleased at the outcome. Not only did the shakes match my exisiting cedar shake roof, but the ease of installation made the job faster and easier than with cedar shakes. I am looking forward to using Enviroshake® again on future homes.” – Gilles O. Michaud, President, Gilles Michaud Construction Ltd.


The ease of installation made the job faster and easier than with cedar shakes.

“We chose Enviroshake shingles because they have a lifetime warranty,  are made from 95% recycled material, because installation scraps and used shingles can be returned to Enviroshake and made into new shingles, and because they look like the most common heritage approach in the Waterloo Region – the wood shingle.” – Ben Barclay, REEP House Project Manager, Kitchener ON


Really like the way that you guys do business

“…Really like the way that you guys do business.  Everyone I talk to is knowledgeable, you follow up, I don’t have to chase anything…Thanks again for everything.” – John McDow, A. L. THOMPSON BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD. Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Everyone loves the Enviroshake

“Everyone loves the Enviroshake.  They were very easy to install.  All the guys couldn`t believe how much better it was than doing cedar!  I actually took part in the installation to see it done first hand.  Most impressed with the product.  One particular aspect that I found amazing is the overall engineering of the shakes.  The people involved with this should be given one huge `àttaboy or girl“.  You could feel the heat on the surface of the shake on a sunny afternoon but the underside was cool.  We figured some of this was was due to the small bumps under each shake to hold it off of the surface of the next shake… thus allowing air flow and natural cooling.  Brilliant stuff.  Well done… and not to mention your move with Enviroslate.  I would never use actual slate after experiencing an installation of an enviroproduct and seeing the final result.  You guys are going to crush the market when people realize what kind of product you have.  All the best.”– Alan Smith, Shaver Homes 

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