LEED Certification

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification

We are committed to ensuring that, for the most part, all of the materials (currently 95%) that are used in all of our products are reclaimed or recycled materials. The Enviroshake® composite blend is a mixture of eco friendly post industrial plastic(s), recycled rubber, elastomers and cellulosic fibre materials. Because of this, we do not contribute to demand for fresh oil, nor do we add to the existing landfill problem. What’s more, our products are fully salvageable or recyclable as scrap when they do come to eventually be replaced, completing the eco friendly cycle and promoting sustainable roofing. What distinguishes the Enviroshake® is its formulation and the process that produces this superior product. As the manufacturer, Enviroshake® can justifiably claim strong environmental advantages over natural solutions, in addition to a quality product.

The Enviroshake® can be installed quickly and efficiently, producing less waste than traditional cedar. What’s more, it does not require any pretreatment, and, once installed, is it essentially maintenance free. This means that there are no added expenses for preservatives or coatings that are recommended with wood and other products, which often contain harsh chemicals that are damaging to the environment. But that’s just part of the story; our product will also retain its physical properties and aesthetically pleasing look for decades longer than natural cedar wood roofing solutions. What does this mean for you? Simply stated, you can get a high quality, excellent value roofing solution, and be reassured that you are making an eco-conscious and environmentally friendly decision by installing sustainable roofing.

Enviroshake® will directly divert waste materials that are not biodegradable. Enviroshake® is proud that its operation fulfils all the components of the 3R environmental agenda – reduce, reuse and recycle. You see, in this way, we can avoid adding further to the escalating landfill problem, help to lower emissions through avoiding unnecessary transportation costs, and put less pressure on the earth’s natural resources. You see, Enviroshake are absolutely committed to operating in such a way that promotes environmental integrity and a sustainable future – your building should not outlast your roof, and we expect to find in many cases that Enviroshake roofs will be salvaged for re-use on future buildings as older ones are demolished.

The United States Green Building Council, also known as USGBC, is committed to promoting sustainably designed and contracted structures. To this end, it utilises a third-party verification system, namely LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), to identify and certify sustainable structures across the country. At Enviroshake we are committed to upholding these laudable values, and to adhering to the LEED green building rating system through all of our products and installations.

Enviroshake has completed an independent 3rd party LEED and NGBS Performance Assessment and is pleased to announce that we were assessed to contribute 16.5 Direct Points 57 relevant LEED Points, meaning that we are a certified green building services provider. Specifically, our LEED assessment highlights a number of relevant benefits of the Enviroshake product, including a life expectancy of more than 50 years, which extends the life cycle of existing building stock, and thus enables the re-use of existing building structures. In addition, the constituent materials used to create the Enviroshake product are over 50% bioased, and all sourced locally to our manufacturing facility in Chatham, reducing the need for transportation, and thus carbon emissions. The indigenous sourcing of our constituent materials mean that any buildings in local areas can also earn credit through the use of Enviroshake, extending our positive environmental impact.

Think about it, by choosing Enviroshake you will be helping us to help the planet, by reducing the demand for new oil, and choosing a greener, more sustainable solution, for a greener and more sustainable future. For more information, please contact Patrick Smith, President @ patrick.smith@enviroshake.com

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