Enviroshake is the preferred wood shake alternative in the Caribbean


Achieve the cedar look want, without the maintenance and other problems associated with real wood. The Enviroshake has less than 2% moisture absorption, eliminating  any mould, mildew, rotting, and the diminished aesthetic that takes place with natural cedar in humid climates.

Enviroshake has achieved the highest impact test rating (level 4, UL2218) making it extremely durable, and able to withstand foot traffic, falling tree branches, and even golf balls.

High winds are no match for the Enviroshake, Enviroshake exhibited superior performance in tests for up to category five wind speeds (180 MPH/290 km/h).

Enviroshake also has a lower heat transfer ratio than cedar.

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Following the passage of hurricane Irene it was apparent that the winds, some of which were gusting up to 120mph had resulted in some considerable damage to numerous roofs. I am happy to say that the Enviroshake® roof we installed on Bay Street was not one. The product maintained its integrity throughout the storm, both resisting the force of the wind and effective barrier against almost pressurized wind borne rain. In no small part can the success of this property to resist the elements throughout the hurricane attributed to the consistent quality performance of the product. - Pete Worboys, Project Manager, John F. Dunn Nassau Bahamas
Just to let you know that the jobs we did in Anguilla with Enviroshake didn’t move with hurricane Gonzalo, where wind speeds exceeded 200 km/h (124 MPH). - Gilles Parisot, Owner-Manager, EXPERT ROOF, St-Martin FWI
…Really like the way that you guys do business. Everyone I talk to is knowledgeable, you follow up, I don’t have to chase anything…Thanks again for everything. - John McDow, A. L. THOMPSON BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD. Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
When asked how his property faired during Hurricane Erica, ``15 inches of rain fell in 11 hours however, but no leaks at all through the roof shakes!`` - John Connon, NH International (Caribbean) Limited. Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies
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