The Residential Energy Efficiency Project House

The Residential Energy Efficiency Project House

The Residential Energy Efficiency Project, otherwise known as REEP, originally began in Kitchener/Waterloo as a voluntary green auditor for homeowners to learn how to make their homes more energy efficient. In 2007 the decision to create the hands-on demonstration project, REEP house was made.

The REEP house is located at 20 Mill Street in downtown Kitchener. The century brick home was bought and completely renovated to achieve a Platinum LEED rating, Canada’s first.  The REEP house also achieved a 90% reduction in energy consumption. The projects existence depended upon partnerships and sponsorships from the community. The innovative green architect Graham Whiting of Whiting Design in Waterloo took on the project, which was overlooked by Ben Barclay, project manager.

Enviroshake being made from 95% recycled materials, maintenance free, and lifetime guaranteed made it an easy choice to make when designing the home and selecting a roofing material. Not to mention that using Enviroshake also contributes towards 57 relevant LEED points and 16.5 direct LEED points. When asked why they chose Enviroshake Barclay answered, “We chose Enviroshake for the combination of durability, recycled content, and curb appeal. We chose Enviroshake shingles because they have a lifetime warranty, are made from 95% recycled material, because installation scraps and used shingles can be returned to Enviroshake and made into new shingles, and because they look like the most common heritage approach in the Waterloo Region – the wood shingle”. Enviroshake Certified Installer Radiant Roofing completed the installation of the Enviroshake roof.

“Radiant offer many green roofing options, and Rob spent a lot of time laying out the pros and cons of each without pressuring us one way or another. He suggested and handled the exterior insulation product that we feel offers homeowners a useful option for adding to their insulation without internal muss and fuss. We felt he would be as easy to work with installing the roof as selling it to us, and we were not disappointed. He helped us with the donation from Enviroshake.

The unusual and innovate approaches taken building REEP House and the fluid design process were very challenging for contractors, yet Radiant Roofing were effortless to deal with. They gave us great support in helping us choose the right products and techniques, and arranged the donation on behalf of Enviroshake. They came in on budget, on time, and their staff was professional, courteous, and showed great commitment to safety and our job. Owner Rob Randall took the time to personally supervise the job from the roof, and made sure the innovative outside insulation board went on smoothly. Radiant Roofing were problem solvers for us” stated Barclay.

“Supporting local green initiatives is important to us as a Canadian manufacture of environmentally friendly roofing shakes. It is our way of ensuring future generations are educated on environmental responsibility and familiar with the products that can help them achieve sustainable building,” stated Enviroshake CEO, Dennis Hewko. “Overall, Radiant Roofing and Enviroshake made a great team for us to work with. Durability is a prime consideration of sustainability, and we feel we have a roof built to last. Feedback has been entirely positive on the look of the roof, and people really like not only the high-recycled content, but also the fact that scraps and used shingles can be “melted down” into new product. What a great way to use a bunch of old tires!” Concluded Ben Barclay.

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