Sustainable Smart Home

Sustainable Smart Home

Lambton College has expanded its Alternative Energy Engineering Technology facilities with the addition of the Sustainability House.  Sustainability House will be one of the first of its kind in Canada and will help bring Lambton College to the forefront of sustainable technology and training in the province of Ontario. The Sustainable Smart Home is based on simplicity, energy, water efficiency, and environmental- and user-friendliness as well as flexibility.

The Sustainable Smart Home will be built on Lambton College’s main campus and will serve as a community resource for engineers, architects, developers, students, and the general public to evaluate energy-saving, energy-generating strategies. The Home will also serve as a teaching lab for assessing alternative energy sources and evolving building technologies. It will be continually updated to demonstrate emerging technologies and construction techniques. The Home will also house research facilities to enable investigation of the intermittency issues associated with renewable energy systems. The house will also provide an opportunity to local and national companies to showcase their technologies and visions in terms of green building.

Jim Nash, President of Enviroshake commented, “The Sarnia region has dramatically changed their economic and business development focus to embracing the Bio-Industry challenges that we face. Their dependence on the petro-chemical industry and the strong ties to the automotive sector has prompted an exodus of intellectual talent and industry out of the region. As a result they are showcasing their efforts towards recognition of some of the more innovative technologies and products that have been developed in recent years to take the focus and dependence off the petro-chemical dominance. Examples of these are the huge solar panel farm that is sponsored by the college and now green building practices and products that will be incorporated in this SMART home design.

The Dean of the college approached me last year to see if we would be interested in participating in this and I thought it was consistent with what we represent – an innovative green bio-product that we have launched into the building products sector. We are also local and the college is working to transition its courses to create support positions and skilled labour to work in the emerging bio-industry sector. Overall they have been very aggressive in their course and seminar structure to emphasize this industry and technology development. They are definitely a leader in this region for these efforts and it is a great project for us to support”.

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