120-Year-Old Sarnia Home Preserved with Enviroshake

Cheshire Roofing is a full-service roofing company and Enviroshake Factory Trained Installer located in Sarnia Ontario. They are committed to providing homeowners with the best residential and commercial roofing services and offering only the best materials to ensure it will last for years to come.

Cheshire Roofing recently completed a stunning Aged Cedar Enviroshake installation on the turret of a 120-year-old home in the downtown Sarnia area. Enviroshake was used to replace the failing cedar shakes on the roof. The building has been beautifully preserved with this lifetime roof.


by Cheshire Roofing, Sarnia
Superior Roofing Material!
Enviroshake is in the top tier of lifetime roofing materials. The excellent wind ratings and overall strength of the product make it far superior than cedar shake and less expensive than asphalt based materials. Installation is straightforward once the processes are taught to an installer through Enviroshake’s Contractor Factory Training.

Working on the turret was a fantastic opportunity to provide a lifetime roof using the skills I have developed over the years. The Enviroshake product allowed us to keep the charm and charisma in this beautiful Victorian home. It was a challenging, but very rewarding project. I look forward to more Enviroshake installs in the future.

Steve Cheshire
Cheshire Roofing, Sarnia

Cheshire Roofing will be installing a multi-tone Enviroslate project on Christina Street South in the coming weeks. The project will include Stone Grey, Plum Purple, and Sage Green Enviroslate.

Stay tuned for more spectacular footage of Cheshire Roofing's upcoming Enviroshake projects!

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