October 27, 2022 – Newsletter

Looking for a way to really scare your neighbors this Halloween? How about a roof that looks just like real cedar and slate, but lasts a lifetime? Enviroshake roofing materials are so good it’s scary.

This month we’re highlighting an eco-home with Enviroslate on the roof and talking a little bit more about what kind of roofing opportunities Enviroshake offers year-round. Happy Halloween and happy roofing!

Project Highlight

At Enviroshake, we take pride in limiting our environmental footprint at every step. Manufactured from 95% reprocessed post-industrial polymers, elastomers, and fibers, Enviroshake is a fully sustainable product. That’s why it was the right choice for the Summers eco-home, in Lexington, Massachusetts.

Homeowners Joshua and Rachel Summers decided to turn their property into an at-home oasis during the pandemic to limit their need for travel and create a unique space that was extremely eco-conscious. Their project goals included net-zero energy use, green materials, and eco + food landscaping.

Geothermal heating and cooling, hyper-insulation, electric appliances and an induction stove, and solar panels and Powerwalls are a few of the key features of the energy-efficient home.

Rainwater and greywater harvesting allows the homeowners to capture roughly 80,000 gallons of water to irrigate their productive green landscape and garden, which supports the local ecosystem and produces food. The water runoff from an Enviroshake roof is non-toxic and completely potable. It even meets World Health Organization drinking water standards!

Throughout the project, the homeowners sourced as many eco-friendly materials as possible. From their recycled glass countertops to the exterior cladding made from recycled paper, and of course, the Enviroslate roof.

The Summers chose the Charcoal Grey Enviroslate material along with matching Charcoal Grey Alpine SnowGuards. The installation was completed by Enviroshake Factory Trained Installers, BosCorp Design & Build, Inc.

Perks of being an Enviroshake Factory Trained Contractor

High quality materials for your clients.

Be proud to offer your clients a fully transferable limited lifetime warranty of up to 50 years on their roof. Providing the #1 premium composite-synthetic roofing product helps your clients feel confident in the safety and longevity of their roof as well as the outstanding aesthetics that increase the value of their home. Enviroshake is the best roofing solution available today.

Best-in-class customer service for your team.

Experience our exceptional sales and marketing support programs to launch you towards success. We offer complimentary take-offs from Eagleview reports and PDF or CAD roof plans and free quotes. You can also take advantage of our Product Knowledge Sessions held by one of our experts to learn more about the benefits of Enviroshake and how it compares to other roofing options. Most importantly, we are here to help YOU! Whether it be technical questions, samples requests, product color options, or even the most unique special requests, we’re ready to help.

Long-lasting benefits for your business.

We are proud to support our Enviroshake installers with pre-qualified leads and opportunities to help accelerate growth in their business. We offer on-site training opportunities to help roofers exceed in installing our products and work more efficiently to save time and money on their Enviroshake jobs.

Learn more or register to become a Factory Trained Enviroshake Installer today.


Hurricane Fiona struck through the Dominican Republic last month with Category 3 hurricane winds. The Iberostar Resort in Dominican Republic was protected by their Enviroshake roof, which was left without any damage despite direct impact from fallen trees.

Read the full story here.


Can Enviroshake be installed in cold weather?

Yes! Enviroshake can be installed down to -15C and -4F overnight temperatures as long as the roof is dry. You can even continue using a nail gun while slightly dialing back pressure.

Most synthetics cannot be installed in temperatures this low. Enviroshake lets you continue roofing all year long.

Please note Enviroshake is slippery when wet and should only be walked on and installed when dry.

Does Enviroshake expand and contract from temperature changes?

Our tiles are engineered to thermally expand and contract less than 2% between seasons. No matter how extreme your climate is, or the temperature fluctuations you experience, rest assured Enviroshake products have been designed to rise to the test.

Unlike with metal roofing, you will not hear loud creaks or pops from your roof as the temperature changes, and unlike with other synthetics, you don't have to worry about warping or cracking.

Where can I get a brochure on Enviroshake?

You can download a free brochure from our website.

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