August 26, 2022 – Newsletter

It just makes sense

This month we’re sharing a few moments where Enviroshake was the best choice for a variety of different projects. Whether it’s for being the most sustainable, the most durable, or the most aesthetically pleasing, Enviroshake fits the bill!

Residential Energy Efficiency Project

The Residential Energy Efficiency Project (REEP) demonstration home in Kitchener, ON was Canada's first Platinum LEED rated home. The Enviroshake roof contributed towards 57 relevant LEED points and 16.5 direct LEED points. The century brick home achieved a 90% reduction in energy consumption while maintaining heritage value.

When asked why they chose Enviroshake, project manager, Ben Barclay answered:

“We chose Enviroshake for the combination of durability, recycled content, and curb appeal. We chose Enviroshake shingles because they have a lifetime warranty, are made from 95% recycled material, because installation scraps and used shingles can be returned to Enviroshake and made into new shingles, and because they look like the most common heritage approach in the Waterloo Region – the wood shingle”

Virtual and in-person tours of the house are available. Learn more about the REEP house.

5 reasons why Enviroshake is perfect for your HOA

Many Home Owner Associations have longstanding covenants in place allowing only natural cedar shakes to be used in roofing projects. Although these covenants exist to protect the uniformity and aesthetic of the HOA, real cedar can be a problematic roofing choice. Enviroshake has found great success amongst HOAs. Here are 5 reasons why Enviroshake is perfect for your HOA:

  1. It’s durable & safe
  2. Realtors agree that having Enviroshake on your roof, will give you a 70-80% ROI upon resale
  3. It will save you money on insurance premiums and heating and cooling bills
  4. Longevity & performance
  5. Most importantly, aesthetics!

Read this month’s blog post to learn more about the benefits of Enviroshake vs cedar.



by Terry Fong
Great Product
Done two houses so far, satisfied with the finished product.

by Odette Legault
Replaced Fascia with Shakes
This is the third time I purchased shakes from Enviroshake. This time I replaced my wood fascia with the shakes. I'll have no further need to re-sand and re-stain the fascia every 2-3 years! Great service, prompt delivery, great product! The fascia looks great!


Do Enviroshake tiles need to be gapped?

Yes! Enviroshake tiles must be installed with a 3/8" gap between every piece as outlined in the installation guide. We provide gapping tools on each order to assist with gapping.

What are current lead times on Enviroshake?

Enviroshake production lead times is currently running at ~10 weeks.* Please speak with your territory manager to confirm specific product lead times.

What colours does Enviroshake come in?

Any colour! Enviroshake is pleased to offer custom colours.

Enviroshake Terra Cotta Red

Enviroshake Green

Does Enviroshake sell directly or through distributors?

Both! Since 2010, our distributor channel has been dual - both direct and through suppliers. Contact your territory manager if you're looking for a supplier in your area or would like to purchase directly.

Have a question about Enviroshake? Visit our FAQs page or contact us with your questions directly!

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The Design & Performance Advantages of Composite Shake, Shingle, and Slate

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