Why use snow guards?

Even if you’re installing your brand-new Enviroshake roof on a beautiful hot summer day, don't forget about the snow and ice your roof will see in the winter months!

It is important to consider any roofing accessories that will help keep you safe year-round.

We highly recommend the use of snow guards in areas that receive yearly snowfall in order to protect against snow damage at the lower roof level and at ground level.

Snow guards are specifically designed to prevent entire roof loads of snow from avalanching all at once, which can cause serious damage to any structures, landscaping, vehicles, and people in the area of impact. The snow guards allow snow and ice to drop off in small amounts or melt completely. It is especially important to install snow guards above entryways, walkways, gathering areas, landscaping, parking, ground-mounted mechanicals, lower roofs, valleys, crickets, gutters, and roof vents.

Enviroshake is proud to offer Alpine® SnowGuards with all of our roofing systems. We offer two models of snowguards, PD-10s which can be installed during the time of Enviroshake product install OR if you already have an Enviroshake roof and would like to install snowguards after the fact, we offer the PD-11 a retro-fit snow guard which just slide under the upper lying course of shingles and pull down to engage the tab. No need for nail hangers.

Our Aged Cedar Enviroshake pairs perfectly with the Charcoal Gray PD10 Alpine® SnowGuards. The snow guards are barely visible with the Enviroshake material and highly effective in protecting you from snow damage.

We also offer Alpine® SnowGuards in Classic Copper.

Don’t wait for your next snowstorm, contact us today about installing snow guards on your roof!

Charcoal Grey Alpine SnowGuards on Enviroshake

Classic Copper Alpine SnowGuards on Enviroslate