Why is underlayment important?

An outstanding roof that enhances curb appeal and provides long-lasting protection is one of the most important features of your home. When choosing a roof, you look for qualities that will ensure you are kept safe and dry during the most extreme weather conditions. So why do you need a roofing underlayment? Shouldn’t your roof covering be tough enough to do the job?

The truth is, installing an underlayment adds an extra layer of protection to your home. It can prolong the lifespan of your roof and guarantees the safest, most water-resistant protection possible. Without underlayment, water can seep into your roof deck during heavy storms and cause leaking, rotting, mold, and mildew. In the scenario that your roof becomes damaged or any shingles or shakes are blown away during a storm, your underlayment will keep you dry until the roof can be repaired or replaced.

Which Underlayment is Best?

A synthetic roof underlayment is the most durable underlayment on the market. It is stronger and lighter than asphalt-saturated felt or rubberized asphalt underlayments, fast and easy to install, and suitable for extended UV and moisture exposure especially if there is some lead time before your roof covering is installed.


Our Enviroshield BSA synthetic underlayment is a full butyl peel and stick product that provides 3X better adhesion than a modified bitumen underlayment and features Gripspot technology to improve slip resistance in all weather conditions. Enviroshield has been engineered for extreme environment tear strength and designed for applications requiring heavy foot traffic and longer installation times like tile and slate. Enviroshield has an extremely low install temperature of 25F (-4C) and rising and has an UV exposure rating of up to 180 days as well as a Class A ASTM E108 rating.

This really is the best underlayment I’ve seen! Without a doubt this truly does stick to the substrate better than modified bitumen. Recently, we did a remodel dry in and because of material shortages the job had to wait with just Enviroshield for a couple of months before we could do the install. It went through several serious storms without any blow offs and kept the homeowners dry. I highly recommend this product!

David Barradas, Weatherguard Inc.

Lifetime Protection Guaranteed

At Enviroshake, we only offer high quality, lifetime products so you never have to compromise on the safety of your home.

Enviroshield comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and must be installed when using Enviroshake to meet conditions of our product’s Gold-Level Warranty. Rest assured that our industry leading Enviroshake roofing system is unbeatably durable, safe, and long-lasting.

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