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The True Cost of Cedar Shakes and Shingles

An Enviroshake or Enviroshingle roof is a one time investment, making it significantly cheaper than cedar – both fire retardant cedar and non treated cedar – over the life of your roof. If the maintenance costs of a typical cedar roof are considered over a 50-year period, the cost of a cedar roof is $98,353, the cost of a fire retardant treated cedar roof is $111,694 versus $30,726 for an Enviroshake roof.

You can’t afford not to!

  • Enviroshake Inc. products can be installed for the same cost as cedar, when using a Certified Enviroshake Contractor!
  • Putting Enviroshake or Enviroshingle on your home is only a one-time cost for the life of the product. There will be no additional maintenance costs, treatment costs, or replacement costs, which the homeowner would incur with other products
  • Enviroshake products have a 70-80% ROI to the homeowner
  • Putting Enviroshake or Enviroshingle on your home will actually increase the selling value
  • State Farm offers discounted premiums in certain areas for homes that have Enviroshake products on them

Enviroshake Vs Cedar: A Lifetime Cost Comparison


Composite Roofing Costs

One of the prominent selling features of composite roofing is that it is a lasting investment. Composite shakes & shingles have a much lower lifetime cost than natural cedar shakes & shingles. The initial installed cost for composite shakes and shingles is within the same range as that of natural cedar, particularly with the help of a certified contractor. Synthetic roofing materials give you decades of quality roofing with zero extra maintenance cost, replacement or treatment costs that homeowners with other roofing products can incur. These products come with a return on investment of over 70 percent upon resale of the home due to the transferable warranty they carry. In fact, using synthetic shingles and shakes increases the value of a home.

Diverse types of roofing shingles

A cedar shake roof cost varies depending on a variety of factors including the type and grade/quality of cedar, location, and installation pattern. While a typical cedar roof costs about $98,353 or so for a 4000 square foot home over a twenty-five year lifespan, including the upfront installation, annual maintenance costs and re-roofing; fire retardant types of treated cedar roofs can run up to $111,694 for a 4000 square foot home over the same lifespan. Compared to high-tech synthetic roofing such as Enviroshake, that eliminate all maintenance and re-roofing, the only cost incurred is the initial installation that goes for approximately $40,000 for the same 4000 square foot home.

Pay attention to extra costs

Wooden shakes & shingles require a little bit of extra preparation before installing on the roof. The total cost of wood shingles cannot be considered without including the cost of removing any existing roofing material and ensuring the roof deck and or strapping do not need to be replaced, which is an additional charge as well. In addition, traditional cedar has a waste factor of 15-20% extra material needed to account for bad pieces, and installation waste that increases the quantity of material you need to order. There are also other cost considerations to make, including underlayment – a special waterproofing membrane most contractors recommend to ensure there’s no opening for elements, including moisture.


Another consideration to make while choosing the roofing material is the lifespan, which should take into consideration the cost of what you are ready to pay for the project today and over the life of your roof. While roofing choices such as asphalt shingles are easy and inexpensive upfront, they require replacement every 10-20 years, and do require some maintenance. Composite shakes & shingles are quite durable with a 50 years life span, and require no maintenance.

Natural slate is essentially a long lasting roofing choice. If maintained and installed properly a slate roof can have a life span of 100 years. Nonetheless, slate is also an extremely heavy weight product and properties require reinforcement to the roof structure in order to hold the material. A slate roof installation is time consuming due to the nature of how slate is installed, with little slate hooks. The weight of the material also means extra safety precautions must be taken on a job site to ensure falling pieces are not a liability. Natural slate is typically installed for about $20 a square foot or more, making it one of the most expensive roofing options on the market. This means that for a roof of up to 4,000 square foot the cost might be $80,000.

Synthetic slate shingles on the other hand can last for more than 50 years and weighing 1/3 the weight of natural slate do not require any special reinforcement to a roof. In addition to being far easier to install, they are also much more durable and are not damaged by walking on the roof. Synthetic slate shingles cost about ½ that of natural slate, installing for about $8 to $10 a square, essentially around $40,000 for a 4,000 square foot roof. Visual inspection is required annually with natural slate to identify missing, cracked, broken or sliding pieces, which must then be replaced. Synthetic slate does not require this inspection or maintenance, saving costs in the long run.
For a homeowner making a roofing decision and wondering the costs of natural cedar and slate, there is much to consider. For those not willing to compromise on appearance and cost, the affordability, performance and aesthetic of composite cedar & slate shingles makes them a wonderful choice.

*These numbers assume initial installed cost of $30,726 for Enviroshake, $35,576 for non-treated cedar, and $42,247 for  for fire retardant treated cedar; with cedar also having maintenance costs of $3400.00 every 5 years, and re-roofing valued at $ 35,576 for cedar, and $42,247 for fire retardant treated cedar at 25 years.

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