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  Enviroshake achieves an unconditional Class A fire rating What it means to have an unconditional Class A fire…

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Hurricane Resistance

Enviroshake products are engineered for demanding tropical climates. With unsurpassed wind uplift resistance, they are able to withstand Category…

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Enviroshake VS Cedar

Enviroshake products are high-tech composite roofing and siding materials designed to replicate the look of weathered cedar shakes and shingles…

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The True Cost of Cedar

The true cost of cedar shakes and shingles An Enviroshake® roof is a one-time investment, making it significantly more…

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Superior alternatives to cedar and asphalt

The roofing industry is rapidly changing alongside new products and technologies. Worth $15 billion annually in material alone and…

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Issues with Cedar

Cedar Roofing & Siding Maintenance, Repair and Replacement The primary logic of a cedar roof solution is that the…

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