LEED Certification


LEED Certification

Predominantly all of the materials (95%) used in the product are reclaimed materials. The Enviroshake® composite blend is a mixture of post industrial plastic(s), recycled rubber, elastomers and cellulosic fibre materials. What distinguishes the Enviroshake® is its formulation and the process that produces this superior product. As the manufacturer, Enviroshake® can justifiably claim strong environmental advantages in addition to a quality product.

The Enviroshake® can be installed efficiently with less waste than traditional cedar, does not require any pretreatment, and once installed is maintenance free. There are no added expenses for preservatives or coatings that are recommended with wood and other products. It will retain its physical properties and look for decades.

Enviroshake® will directly divert waste materials that are not biodegradable. Enviroshake® is proud that its operation fulfils all the components of the 3R environmental agenda – reduce, reuse and recycle.

Enviroshake has completed an independent 3rd party LEED and NGBS Performance Assessment and is pleased to announce that we were assessed to contribute 16.5 Direct Points 57 relevant LEED Points. Please contact Pat Smith , VP Sales , for a copy of the report. psmith@enviroshake.com

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